10 Shopping Tips From Our Whiskey Experts Singapore

10 Shopping Tips From Our Whiskey Experts

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10 Shopping Tips From Our Whiskey Experts

DFS has an unmatched team of trained Whiskey Experts that are passionate about helping you find the perfect bottle for you to sip or gift. If it’s a limited edition you’re looking for, Jenny Kwek, an experienced DFS Whiskey Expert, will guide you to a rare addition for your collection. Jerry Ng and his knowledge of exclusives will assist you in discovering an option that exceeds your expectations. If you’re a fan of a classic single malt, Cindy Ai is an expert who can introduce you to quality unlike anything you’ve experienced, and with his deep knowledge of the history of whiskey distillation, Mars Lu can suggest both a traditional choice or an innovative blend that will surprise and delight you. No matter what your palette or how you intend to sip, our Whiskey Experts will help you find the right blend for any occasion. Here, they share a few of their most valuable tips on finding and enjoying the perfect bottle.

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1. My advice to newcomers would be to always try the whisky first before buying, because it is the flavor that really matters. – Cindy Ai, DFS Whiskey Expert

2. Blind tasting is always interesting because a younger whiskey might be preferred to an older whiskey! – Cindy Ai, DFS Whiskey Expert

3. New collectors should look for limited editions, special designs, and rare blends, because they always make for the most valuable whiskies. – Jason Wang, DFS Whiskey Expert

4. The best cocktail to incorporate a whiskey into is a Whiskey Sour. It’s a perfectly easy drink that works with a great variety of blends. The tartness of the citrus is a wonderful match to some of the sweet notes in the blend. – Jason Wang, DFS Whiskey Expert

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5. When you’re building your home collection, a limited edition blend is always a good investment and perfect to entertain with. When you’re looking to gift a whiskey, a good single malt is an essential for anyone’s home collection. – Jenny Kwek, DFS Whiskey Expert

6. Travel retail exclusive and limited edition whiskey also makes a great gift to give because it is more precious and hard to find. – Jenny Kwek, DFS Whiskey Expert 

7. When you’re new to collecting whiskey, my best advice is not judge a book by its cover! Look for more than simply a vintage bottle or nice packaging. Some non-vintages may surprise you! – Jerry Ng, DFS Whiskey Expert

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8. Duty Free Exclusive whiskies are best for your home collection, and limited editions are always the best to gift. – Jerry Ng, DFS Whiskey Expert

9. A whiskey’s age is very important, too. However, some with no age statements are also good. Some single cask or limited edition casks are also important elements to consider. – Mars Lu, DFS Whiskey Expert

10. It’s a great idea to buy whiskey when you’re traveling, because you can discover so many you wouldn’t otherwise find. Some bottle designs are very special, and some flavors are very unique. – Mars Lu, DFS Whiskey Expert

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