Expert Guide to Red & White Italian Wine Venice

Expert Guide to Red & White Italian Wine

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Finding the perfect wine for your palette, to share with your partner, or to be paired with a meal can be challenging. DFS has taken the guesswork out of shopping for wine, making it simple to choose the best bottle no matter the occasion. The DFS Guide to Red & White Italian Wine details everything you need to know about each varietal, so even a novice can look like an expert. Explore our range of wines available at T Fondaco dei Tedeschi by DFS.

If you are looking for a rich wine with depth and complex flavor, reach for a bold red. Notes you will often find in a bold red range from , dark fruits, like blackberry and plum, to spices, even earthy, herbaceous notes. Enjoy at room temperature paired with beef, lamb, or pork.
Lighter red wines tend to be a bit fruitier, pair nicely with a variety of foods, and have a lighter alcohol content than bold reds. Juicy red fruits like strawberry and raspberry are usually present, as are more confectionary notes like jam and brown sugar. Light reds are best served cool, with pasta, chicken, or cured meats.
Rosé falls right in between reds and whites, not just in color, but in flavor as well. While many white wine drinkers may enjoy that rosé shares the dry characteristics of their favorite white, rosé deeper in color is usually sweeter and more full-bodied, which will satisfy lovers of red wine. Rosé can be still or sparkling, is always best served cold, and pairs well with meals rich in flavor such as Mediterranean or Indian cuisine.
Sweet white wines are created when the winemaker stops the fermentation process before all the sugars can be converted into alcohol, leaving the wine sweeter and in some cases, more fruity. Some are light and easy to drink, some are more full-bodied and sweet enough to be enjoyed after a meal as dessert. Sweet wines are best enjoyed cool, and paired with chicken, fish, or spicy foods.
Usually light in color and body, dry white wines are devoid of any sweetness, opting instead for greener flavors of grass, herbs, and pepper. These crisp and clean wines are easy to sip through a meal or for refreshing relief on a hot day. Best served cool, and paired with fish, chicken, or vegetables.
Usually reserved for celebrations but appropriate at anytime, there is a sparkling wine for any palette. Dry white wine drinkers will love a Brut, while those who prefer a sweeter wine will enjoy a glass of prosecco. Sparkling wine is a lovely compliment to salty foods, chicken, and seafood.