Just Arrived: La Corte Food Market Venice

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May 2 – Nov 29

Just Arrived: La Corte Food Market

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T Fondaco dei Tedeschi has now opened a new food market, La Corte al Fondaco - located on the ground floor - for its shoppers to enjoy. 

With quality and authenticity at the heart of its offerings, La Corte has a vast selection of artisanal Italian food and wine that serve as points of reference in the world of excellence often present in the kitchens of the great chefs. Many brands and items served here at also exclusive to T Fondaco dei Tedeschi. 

Some of the products offered include historic balsamic vinegar producers, Giusti and Malpighi; oils from Muraglia; pasta from Pastificio di Verrigni; chocolate by Amedei, Majani and Domori; truffles from the Apennines; and coffee from Passalacqua and illy. There is also a range of wines from Sassicaia, Masi, Chateu Lafitte and more. 

Head downtown to celebrate the opening of La Corte al Fondaco and learn more about the history, origins and uses of various food items throughout a series of talks. Listen to interviews with influential leaders of Italian food and wine while shopping your favorite kitchen ingredients to take back home.

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