Fondaco Glass Future Lab Venice

Sep 4 – Sep 23

Fondaco Glass Future Lab

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September 4 to 23, 2021


Digital manufacturing meets craftsmanship at Fondaco dei Tedeschi. For Venice Glass Week, in collaboration with AUT Design Collective, explore the opportunities offered by innovation in the glass sector. By combining the wisdom of experts in this material with the infinite flexibility of digital production, the unique concepts of creations can be reimagined.


The space set up on the ground floor of the Fondaco will host a contemporary laboratory with 3D printers where glass objects will be offered the final touches, some previously blown in the furnace by the master Valter Rossi. It will be an opportunity for customers and visitors to see the birth and co-create, in complete safety, unique and particular design creations which are available for purchase.


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T Fondaco Dei Tedeschi by DFS