Palazzina Grassi

An ancient aristocratic mansion turned into a contemporary home full of charm and vitality, this hotel is often described as a small jewelry box facing the Grand Canal

Palazzina Grassi is like a small jewelry box facing the Grand Canal, an ancient aristocratic mansion turned into a contemporary home full of charm and vitality, where luxury and the eccentricity of Philippe Starck’s design are the keys to access a unique experience in an authentic and unexpected Venice.


As the black mask symbol of the hotel suggests, here guests may be whomever they want, be it a showy bon vivant or a hidden nomad. The rooms and suites are conceived to accommodate contemporary travelers who can appreciate history and refined Venetian handicrafts, alive in every detail of the hotel decor, from modern mirrors recalling 18th century engravings to Murano glass artworks by the artist Aristide Najean.


Landing on the hotel’s private pier on the Grand Canal, guests will discover the intimate and exclusive Krug Champagne Lounge, while in summer the upstairs terrace nestled among the Venetian rooftops and palazzi is the best spot in town.

On the hotel’s ground floor, the central hall, built around an ancient colonnade once serving as a Roman style Spa, is the real heart of Palazzina, where everything begins, ends, and starts again: from morning breakfast until late night when the dinner venue of Palazzina The Restaurant seamlessly morphs into a glamorous salon Palazzina The Club. During major city events such as the Biennale Vernissage, the Venice International Film Festival, and the Carnival, the salon hosts international DJs becoming the most exclusive club in Venice, popular among celebrities and influencers.


Palazzina keeps the sensual allure of Venice, of its history, magic and charm, gathered in a unique and timeless place.

Hotel Address: San Marco 3247, 30124 Venezia, Italy

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