I'm Not Cinderella, I Just Love Shoes Venice

I'm not Cinderella, I just love shoes

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T Fondaco dei Tedeschi by DFS in collaboration with the Shoe Museum of Villa Foscarini Rossi, presents “I’m not Cinderella, I just love shoes”, a journey in the most recent history of women’s footwear design aimed at presenting to the public a selection of iconic models that match the profiles of four women, focussing on their main characteristics: balanced elegance, bold ambition, successful physical appearance and audacious creativity.

Shoes are “unique ways of expression that connect body and mind, the inside and the outside, the individual and the group”; the special arrangement of this exhibition is based on the concept of a white box that contains the shoes to enhance their shape, look, colours and craftmanship. The shoes are placed on boxes or directly on the floor just as if ready-to-wear.