Cartier and DFS Group Celebrate Adventure and Legacy in Exciting New Campaign

Cartier and DFS Group Celebrate Adventure and Legacy in Exciting New Campaign

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MAY 14, 2018 - Cartier and DFS Group have collaborated in the release of an exclusive video campaign to promote the much-anticipated release of the new Cartier X DFS Santos de Cartier watch collection.

The exclusive video campaign, featuring renowned Chinese artist Deng Chao as he explores the city of San Francisco, is now available to watch and enjoy at

Wearing an iconic Santos de Cartier watch, Deng Chao embarks on an adventure along the breathtaking San Francisco coastline, emanating confident elegance and boundless vitality.

The Santos de Cartier watch is the embodiment of extraordinary styling, bold imagination, adventurous exploration and meticulous precision. These qualities have been continually pursued and refined by Cartier over the years. Similarly, the city of San Francisco is a hub of innovation and creativity, inspiring many daring and groundbreaking ventures. The exclusive campaign video tells a legendary story of pioneering spirit, technological advances, artistic philosophy and creative ideals.

As the sun sets, gilding the famous Golden Gate Bridge, Santos de Cartier’s masculine lines are also revealed, radiating warmth, resilience, elegance and discernment. Deng Chao has rediscovered San Francisco. Likewise, the Santos de Cartier watch accentuates the bold courage and sense of discovery that embody today’s gentleman. The hands of the Santos de Cartier watch record each and every moment of his contemplation and deliberation, reflecting the mesmerizing personality of an extraordinary and adventurous pioneer.

Created in 1904, the Santos de Cartier watch has been writing and rewriting the legend. More than paying tribute to the phenomenal life of Alberto Santo Dumont, new interpretations evolve through time and carry a timeless quality. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was a forerunner of advanced engineering. The Santos de Cartier watch is constructed on a foundation of design and functionality breakthroughs, and further consolidated by the core modern concept of incorporating technological advances. Ergonomic design ensures optimal comfort. Straps for the Santos de Cartier watch are available in steel, 18K gold, calfskin or alligator skin. The QuickSwitch system enables all versions to be readily interchangeable. The wearer simply presses the mechanism and changes the strap as required. Furthermore, generous functionalities and exclusive aesthetics have contributed to making the Santos de Cartier watch a contemporary stylish icon.

Santos de Cartier watch is globally available at the below locations:

  • T Galleria by DFS Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui East
  • T Galleria by DFS, Hong Kong, Canton Road
  • T Galleria by DFS, Macau, City of Dreams
  • T Galleria by DFS, Macau, Shoppes at Four Seasons
  • T Galleria by DFS, Okinawa
  • T Galleria by DFS, Bali
  • T Galleria by DFS, Angkor
  • DFS, Changi International Airport
  • T Galleria by DFS, Singapore
  • T Galleria by DFS, Guam
  • T Fondaco dei Tedeschi by DFS
  • DFS, San Francisco International Airport
  • DFS Galleria, Cairns
  • T Galleria by DFS, Sydney
  • T Galleria by DFS, Hawaii
  • T Galleria by DFS, Saipan