DFS Downtown Store in Okinawa Rebranded to T Galleria by DFS

Global DFS Downtown Store in Okinawa Rebranded to T Galleria by DFS DFS_T-Galleria_Okinawa.jpg

APRIL 24, 2014, Tokyo - DFS Group (DFS), the world’s leading luxury travel retailer, today unveiled “T Galleria by DFS” in Naha City, Okinawa. The new name reflects a new luxury positioning for the only stand-alone duty free store in Japan, and marks the 10th anniversary of the previously-named DFS Galleria. Since DFS first unveiled “T Galleria by DFS”, the ultimate evolution in luxury travel retail, in Hawaii in September 2013, seven stores in four locations have been rebranded, in Hawaii, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and now in Okinawa. The next stores to be rebranded to T Galleria will be DFS’ downtown stores in Guam and Saipan in mid-2014.

Elevating the travel journey in Okinawa

T Galleria’s arrival in Okinawa marks the end of a major store upgrade and renovation, which also sees the completion of a new exclusive members-only PRESTIGE LOUNGE. The new T Galleria Okinawa also includes a Godiva Café and a newly developed stylish restaurant, Pine Tree Bless, serving international and local Okinawan cuisine that extends and enhances the experience of the destination.

The refurbishment of T Galleria Okinawa is part of a broader effort by DFS to elevate the travel journey in Okinawa, from the recent refurbishment of its stores at Naha Airport’s Domestic Terminal, as well as the opening of its new store in Okinawa’s newly-opened Naha Airport International Terminal building. Over the past few years, DFS Group has invested significantly in Okinawa prefecture in helping to develop the leisure retail experience.

Schaus, Chairman and Chief Executive Office, DFS Group, said, “T stands for travel, and our new T Galleria by DFS is made for all who travel. With over 50 years of heritage, DFS is a symbol of trust and quality for the traveler, many who began their first journeys with DFS, and continue to visit and shop with us at airports and Gallerias. As we unveil T Galleria in Okinawa and celebrate the 10th anniversary of our store, we are also incredibly excited about the future of tourism in Okinawa, and we would like to extend a warm welcome to all travelers to the new T Galleria Okinawa. Guests will discover that our store offers elevated levels of luxury shopping, iconic brands and products, and the hospitable, personalized service that is so characteristic of Okinawa.”

T Galleria Okinawa’ new name and offerings will help to further promote the growth of tourism in Okinawa. While Okinawa remains the most popular destination among Japanese travelers, the island has also welcomed more international travelers, with the total number of tourist arrivals in 2013 hitting a record 6.41 million visitors.

Discovering the world of luxury

The 10,000 square meter Galleria is housed within a spacious and welcoming environment allowing customers to unlock and discover the world of luxury, curated by DFS of more than 130 of the world’s most desired brands in beauty and fragrances, watches and jewelry, fashion and accessories, and fine spirits.

Unique to T Galleria are the special services provided to enhance each journey, from multi-lingual sales associates who help customers shop seamlessly across brands and categories, to concierge and personal shopping assistants. Visitors to the beauty hall also have access to perfume consultation by qualified fragrance advisors, as well as make-up and skincare services. As with all DFS stores worldwide, customers of T Galleria Okinawa can enjoy worry-free shopping with 100% Worldwide Guarantee for all products purchased.

DFS pioneered the modern Galleria experience of luxury shopping in 1995, when the first DFS Galleria opened in Guam. Since then, the Galleria experience has stood for a luxury shopping experience customized for those with a passion for discovery and adventure. The Galleria concept allows each brand to express itself fully within their boutiques, complemented with an elevated level of attention and service. T Galleria Okinawa is the latest example of DFS’ worldwide network of 14 Gallerias – a collection of luxury shopping destinations in iconic locations designed for the traveler.

Announcing the arrival of LOYAL T

Building on its commitment to award-winning customer services, DFS has also introduced the world’s most extensive global luxury rewards program, LOYAL T. It serves to extend the international travelers’ global shopping experience with DFS, from DFS stores at airports to T Gallerias, further establishing DFS as the world traveler’s preferred destination for luxury shopping. LOYAL T benefits include leading concierge services and personal shoppers who provide bespoke recommendations gleaned from extensive expertise in curating brands for the customer.

The personal shopping service is one of the core features of LOYAL T. Available at all DFS downtown locations, multi-lingual personal shoppers ― experts across various lifestyle categories ― recommend a curated selection of brands and products based on the lifestyle needs of members. Our most privilege LOYAL T members can continue their personal shopping experiences in the comfort and privacy of the PRESTIGE LOUNGE, or they can simply relax and indulge their senses with an authentic taste of the destination through the local delicacies offered.

The new LOYAL T program offers four tiers of membership, offering exclusive benefits at each tier and flexibility to move up the tiers any time during the 24-month qualifying period. Members of the highest two tiers of membership — PRESTIGE DIAMOND and PRESTIGE RUBY — are invited to our exclusive and one-of-a-kind global events such as the Masters Collection, become one of the first in town to know and gain access to previews and pre-orders of new arrivals, limited and exclusive brands and products, and transportation services to and from downtown hotels and DFS downtown stores.

The LOYAL T program is an evolution of the Platinum Services Club, which was originally launched in Guam in 2005 and rolled out globally in 2006. Dedicated to offering premium customers unique and luxurious experiences, DFS expanded the program with fully serviced lounges in 2008 and piloted a LOYAL T Beauty program in Hong Kong in 2013.

“LOYAL T was inspired by and created for a new generation of luxury travelers who expect shopping experiences that are elevated by authentic, consistent and personalized services that they can trust. We enable the members to enjoy the luxurious privilege at the heart of Okinawa and convenience of shopping at our iconic gateway airports. Members can also discover a heightened world of luxury through access to a range of unique and tailored personal services, products and events,” said Sibylle Scherer, President, Consumer Marketing and Branding, DFS Group.

DFS’ LOYAL T program will cover over 700 brands, in 26 airport and Galleria stores, 10 countries and across three continents.

Celebrating the arrival of T with art

To commemorate the arrival of T Galleria in Okinawa and its 10th anniversary, famous Japanese actor, director and artist, Yusuke Iseya, has created two “T in Art” sculptures for DFS Group. One of the art pieces was unveiled in Tokyo Midtown for public display for three days by the artist and senior DFS executives. The second art piece will be displayed in the boutique hall of T Galleria Okinawa. Composed of mirrors, the large-scale art piece allows viewers to see their reflections from different angles and various positions.

Yusuke Iseya said, “As a frequent traveler, I have the opportunity to see and experience many different places, people and cultures. At the same time, travel allows me the opportunity for self-reflection, and this is something that I believe is very important. My T in Art symbolizes this journey of discovery, both of the beautiful world we live in, but also of our own inner self.”