DFS Group Introduces T Galleria

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SEPTEMBER 7, 2013 - DFS Group, the world’s leading luxury travel retailer, majority owned by Europe’s largest luxury conglomerate LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, today introduced T Galleria by DFS, the ultimate evolution in its downtown luxury retail business dedicated to travelers. The new brand identity and elevated design will be rolled out progressively to all existing DFS Galleria stores globally over the next eighteen months. With downtown outlets in seven countries and eleven cities, the global reach of the T Galleria store network is wider than that of almost any other multi-brand, luxury retailer.

At the unveiling in Waikiki, the location of one of DFS’ first downtown stores, Philippe Schaus, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DFS Group, said:

“DFS is proud to launch its revamped brand identity in Waikiki, where we opened a downtown store over forty years ago. The name T Galleria pays homage to our core business – serving travelers. Our new T Galleria logo is simple, accessible and pronounceable to all. It is inspired by the notion of flight and movement, resembling the wings of a modern aircraft. These stores not only offer the ultimate assortment of luxury products but also deliver seamless shopping environments that travelers associate with their destinations. Travel retail is the major growth engine driving the luxury retail sector today and we want our customers to visit DFS airport stores and DFS T Gallerias wherever they are in the world.”

DFS was joined by its luxury brand partners and VIP guests for the rebranding events and celebrations this weekend.

Antonio Belloni, Group Managing Director of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, emphasized DFS’ expertise with emerging market consumers:

“By being at the forefront of trends in luxury travel retail, DFS is instrumental in introducing emerging market customers to the world of luxury and to high quality, expertly-crafted branded products. DFS has evolved over the last 15 years to become a highly skilled luxury goods retailer, but with a uniquely global approach. DFS curates its product selection for tomorrow’s customers from China, Asia and other emerging markets. These consumers are moving rapidly from their first overseas trips and first luxury purchases to become extremely sophisticated travelers and discerning consumers.”

On the occasion of the T Galleria rebranding, DFS Founder Robert Miller commended DFS on the latest evolution in its business:

“DFS has been at the forefront of travel retail for over fifty years and continues to innovate and adapt to market opportunities. With this exciting new branding for the downtown stores, I am confident that DFS is again poised to capitalize on new opportunities and remains the industry pioneer in luxury travel retail.”

Defining the Luxury Travel Retail Model

“Travel retail” is a channel that encompasses outlets in airports, airplanes, ferries and cruise ships, as well as border shops and downtown stores (some of them duty-free, some not) that cater specifically to global travelers.

The “luxury travel retail” model expands upon the traditional retail model to cater to travelers seeking the world’s best curated selection of exceptional products wherever they go.

From its founding, DFS has been the first to spot and act on emerging trends that would shape travel retail, beginning with the 1960s jet aviation tourism boom, followed by the rise of the Japanese luxury consumer, and then the rise of Chinese travelers as a major force in the market for luxury goods. DFS’s ambition is to become a universal experience sought-after by all travelers around the world.

Why Now

On why the time was right to rebrand DFS’ downtown stores, Mr. Schaus elaborated:

“After forty years operating our downtown locations, the last several of which have involved serious investment into store upgrades, the quality of our stores and services are now beautifully aligned with the luxury brands we merchandise. We feel that these new Gallerias, designed specifically for today’s demanding travelers, are now deserving of a new brand identity that reflects our vision of the future. After unveiling our first rebranded T Galleria here in Waikiki, the next stores to be rebranded this year will be our three stores in Hong Kong and two in Macau. By year’s end, almost half of our worldwide Gallerias will be using this new bold brand identity.”

Travelers wish to discover the world, and when doing so, they enjoy a certain type of shopping. T Galleria reflects an evolution in modern luxury travel retail and illustrates how traveling customers’ needs have moved beyond simple transactional purchases to the desire for a luxurious, experiential and seamless shopping experience.

DFS has invested several hundred million USD over the past few years upgrading downtown Galleria stores and implementing new design elements and features. The new look and feel incorporates a wide array of experiences, including beauty concierge services, luxurious members’ lounges, and Masters Series product exhibitions, which feature the most rare, exclusive and limited editions from the world’s most coveted brands.

The new brand will enable customers to better appreciate the distinct value DFS delivers through both its modern airport and luxurious downtown Galleria operations. DFS’ T Galleria stores provide a single destination where travelers will discover many of the worlds most desired brands across four pillars of luxury shopping: beauty and fragrances, fashion and accessories, watches and jewelry, and wine and spirits. Each store also offers destination themed products, many of which are tailored to the local market.

T Galleria Hawaii by DFS provides the best selection of luxury brands under one roof, with over 140 brands in 210,000 square feet of luxurious retail space. Customers are served by over 470 multilingual sales associates trained across all categories and brands, and can also access special services such as the Beauty Concierge – helping customers select beauty products across the spectrum of brands and customized to their skin type. T Galleria will continue to offer the DFS 100% Worldwide Guarantee: once travelers return home, DFS will exchange, repair or accept the return of all purchased merchandise.

A global authority on the mobile traveling public

DFS pioneered the duty free shopping model over fifty years ago and helped define luxury travel retail. DFS remains the industry leader today. Through its loyal customer following, DFS possesses significant insight and data about the travel and purchasing habits of its customers. Extensive empirical data and focused research therefore informs the Group’s marketing and growth strategies.

DFS has also become a major force in the global tourism industry, helping to build up destinations and, as a result, helping brand partners enter new markets and extend their global reach.

Mr. Schaus concluded:

“DFS was born out of a curiosity for the world, a passion for discovery and adventure, and a regard for luxury and quality. We hope to inspire travelers everywhere to enhance their journey with the world’s finest, expertly curated selection of exceptional products and unparalleled service. Our luxury traveling customers are at the heart of our business and are now reflected in the brand of our downtown stores: ‘T’ is for traveler.”