DFS takes customers into hyper-real world of travel with new spring/summer 2014 campaign

Global DFS takes customers into hyper-real world of travel with new spring/summer 2014 campaign Karen-Coach-940.jpg

MARCH 26, 2014 – The world’s leading luxury travel retailer, has launched its new Spring/Summer 2014 campaign for Galleria that whisks customers away on an adventurous and imaginative journey to iconic destinations. Tapping on the simple but powerful medium and emotions behind the sending of holiday postcards, the campaign brings the DFS curated collections and iconic destinations to life in a six-part video series to be rolled out throughout the season.

The campaign features a series of bright, dreamlike videos set against iconic DFS destinations around the world, including Bali, Hawaii, Singapore and 

Hong Kong. To infuse an illusory feel to the video campaign, DFS partnered with British director and visual artist Mat Maitland. Best known for his collage works in which the worlds of fashion, pop culture and art intersect, as well as his numerous book and album covers, Maitland’s film work for the DFS Spring/Summer 2014 campaign is saturated with various layers of texture and mesmerising pop images that are almost surreal.

In each video, top international model Karen Elson, who fronted DFS’ Fall/Winter 2013 campaign, and Korean model Jae Yoo take the audience on an animated and surprising journey from a plane cabin into an imaginative hyper-real world of imagery and motions before reaching their destination. A sense of playful surrealism and whimsy is woven through each video, for example, penguins appear atop pedestals of beauty products while tropical fish swim alongside flamingos in the Hawaii spot in saturated tropical and sunny colours. The videos always end with a postcard, which acts as a portal to and from this fantastical world that could only be created by T Galleria.

With the postcard as a focal point, this campaign picks up where the past season’s campaign has left off, which also focused on paper as a versatile and playful medium that brings the brand message across to the audience.

“In a world of electronic communication, the postcard feels fresh. It feels a bit nostalgic and romantic – two qualities we see even in social media, as we see on Instagram with its different filters,” said Mr John Gerhardt, Senior Vice President, Branding and Creative, DFS Group.

“The postcard always has an emotion attached to it—whether it is a personal memento of your travels or sent to someone special back home. This season, we highlight the DFS heritage in travel and our unique role as a curator of luxurious products and adventurous experiences with a visually stunning campaign that taps into this very emotion of the traveler,” said Ms. Sibylle Scherer, President, Consumer Marketing and Branding, DFS Group.

The campaign will brighten DFS’ Galleria and airport stores. In particular, DFS has made over its storefront windows and in-store displays in 13 Galleria stores. In the primary display windows at Galleria Hong Kong, for example, the in-flight element of the campaign is brought to life with an array of airplane windows featuring blue skies, sparkling seas, exotic animals and luxury products. Inside the stores, video projections illustrate postcards being written to share travel stories with loved ones and friends from afar, and select products are set against giant postcards featuring imagery from the city in which the store is located.