DFS to Host Asia's Largest, Most Prestigious Retail Exhibition of Fine Wine Champagne and Spirits in Singapore this November

DFS to Host Asia's Largest, Most Prestigious Retail Exhibition of Fine Wine Champagne and Spirits in Singapore this November

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2014, Singapore - DFS Group (DFS), the world’s leading luxury travel retailer will unveil its fourth annual Masters of Wines and Spirits collection in Singapore this November. Masters of Wines and Spirits is the most prestigious retail event of its kind in Asia, showcasing the rarest and finest wine, Champagne and spirits in the world. This year, DFS has curated an unprecedented collection of over 80 pieces from 65 of the world’s most legendary houses – the largest and most diverse collection in the history of this annual event.

The 2014 range is the culmination of extensive visits to vineyards, distilleries and cellars across four continents, and extensive research on the part of DFS’ wine and spirits experts. It will be unveiled on November 8 in an intimate home setting in historic Singapore to create an immersive experience of luxury. Centred around the idea that entertaining at home is the ultimate expression of luxury, guests will meet other connoisseurs, collectors, brand ambassadors, and many of the masters behind the exhibited items, from winemakers to master distillers, who will be on hand to share stories of the making and delights of each piece.

“Every year, we scout the globe and collaborate tirelessly with the world’s most loved wine, Champagne and spirits houses to curate collections of great range and rare quality. I can think of no better way to enjoy and celebrate such fine creations than in the close company of friends and family, in the most intimate of settings – one’s home.” said Harold Brooks, President, Global Merchandising, DFS Group. “Meeting the world’s most influential individuals, who will illuminate the stories of each piece, makes the experience for connoisseurs and collectors even more special. Masters of Wines and Spirits will be the largest and most prestigious retail exhibition of its kind and a great opportunity to view the masterpieces up close.”

Over 30 rare Armagnacs, baijius, Cognac, Scotch whiskies and single malt whiskies make up the collection this year. Highlights include the debut of the 45 year old from The Dalmore distillery, home to some of Scotland’s most precious and rare whisky stocks, and the 4th edition of the renowned Master of Photography Series by The Macallan. Also key among the standouts are the Chabot Armagnac 88 Year Old & 108 Year Old Collection Set and The Queen's Carafe from Martell.

“The Dalmore 45 year old is an assemblage of rare Dalmores drawn from the finest woods from 1967, 1968 and 1969. Quite simply, this whisky is stunning,” said Dalmore Master Distiller Richard Paterson. He added: “We are thrilled to have been included in this year’s range by DFS, and in such exceptional company. I believe I speak on behalf of all the producers involved when I say that that the DFS 2014 Masters of Wines & Spirits Collection surprises us each year with what is undoubtedly one of the finest ranges of rare and exclusive wine and spirits in Asia.”

Echoing his remarks, David Cox, Director of Fine & Rare Whiskies from The Macallan said: “We look forward to presenting a wide range of beautifully made whiskies, all drawing on some of the finest maturing stocks in Scotland and on the talent and experience of the Macallan’s whisky maker at the Masters of Wines and Spirits this year.”

Beyond whiskies, the November showcase will also feature over 50 outstanding pieces of exceptional vintage from the wine and Champagne world. These include several remarkable creations from the wine regions of Australia, and Champagne and Bordeaux in France, such as Penfolds’ 1990 Collection, Perrier-Jouët’s The Belle Époque Rosé 2005 Mathuselah, and the 45 Years of Château Margaux Magnum Collection.

“This year’s Masters of Wines and Spirits range may be the best yet,” said James Suckling, celebrated wine critic and one of several personalities DFS has invited to accompany the many brand ambassadors and experts scheduled to be on site for the collection’s unveiling. “DFS has truly outdone itself with its selection, and I am confident the launch event will once again live up to its reputation as the most spectacular wines and spirits retail occasion of the year.”

Also supporting the collection will be Michelin star chef Jason Atherton, renowned mixologist and spirits expert Michael Callahan and American television personality Kelly Choi. Both Choi and Callahan will be on site at the unveiling event.

Said Callahan, who has secured numerous bar- and spirits-related awards over the years, including one for Best International Cocktail Bar from Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards 2014 “There’s nothing more rewarding than exploring and indulging in premium spirits at home with close friends, and I look forward to sharing my approach to it at the Masters of Wines and Spirits unveiling in November.”

Following its unveiling, the 2014 Masters of Wines and Spirits collection will be exhibited at DFS stores in Terminals 1, 2 and 3 at Singapore’s Changi airport as a part of a public showcase. Bringing the Masters of Wines and Spirits to Changi Airport underscores DFS’ commitment to pioneer and innovate in airport retail experiences.

DFS Masters of Wines and Spirits is part of the DFS Masters Collection, a signature programme of exhibitions that also includes the inaugural Masters of Fragrances held in Abu Dhabi earlier this year, and the highly-anticipated Masters of Time set to take place in Macau this December. The Masters Collection is a showcase of the pinnacle of DFS’ leadership and innovation in curating and creating exceptional experiences across its five pillars of luxury: Wines and Spirits, Beauty and Fragrances, Watches and Jewellery, Fashion and Accessories, and Food and Gifts.