T Galleria By DFS Celebrates #mustpack Products With Spring 2016 Campaign


Global DFSSpring.jpg

Featuring Liya Kebede, Zhao Lei and Chen Ran, campaign explores our love of travel

MARCH 1, 2016, HONG KONG – This spring, T Galleria by DFS, the world’s leading luxury travel retailer, has teamed up with three international influencers and global travelers to celebrate the concept of the travel #mustpack, those travel essentials for wherever your journey takes you. Starring Ethiopian philanthropist and model Liya Kebede, Chinese model Zhao Lei and Chinese actress Chen Ran, the Spring 2016 campaign gives customers an inside look into the influencers’ journeys using photos and stories from their personal travels intertwined with their favorite #mustpack products. Throughout March, April and May customers can interact with the campaign in-store, online and through DFS’ social media channels, connecting with each influencer, their favorite travel destinations and of course the many #mustpack products available at T Galleria by DFS.

“This season we were particularly inspired by those #mustpack items you have to have with you throughout your journey,” said John Gerhardt, Senior Vice President, Creative Branding Direction, DFS Group. “We wanted to bring that story to life by showcasing Liya, Zhao and Chen’s love of travel through their own personal travel photos as well their true travel #mustpacks.”

The campaign unfolds through three videos each starring Liya, Zhao and Chen as well as an immersive digital experience at TGalleria.com where customers can discover the videos and travel guides as well as the season’s #mustpack products. Customers also have an opportunity to meet the influencers in person – Zhao Lei will host a shopping night at T Galleria by DFS, Hong Kong, Canton Road on March 17 and Chen Ren will share her beauty #mustpack items with fans on April 14 at T Galleria Beauty by DFS, Hong Kong, Causeway Bay.

The campaign features #mustpack products from 15 of DFS’ most popular brands including Estée Lauder, Givenchy, Prada, Bulgari, Remy Martin and more, highlighting just a sample of the amazing travel essentials available at T Galleria by DFS from 700 brands across five pillars of luxury.

“Our Spring 2016 campaign’s celebration of travel as well those essential items you have to bring with you along the way, truly brings to life everything our customers love about DFS,” said Sibylle Scherer, DFS Group’s President Merchandising and Consumer Marketing. “From fashion and beauty to watches and wines, our stores are packed with the #mustpack products that complete your journey and we’re thrilled that Liya, Zhao and Chen have joined with us to share that story this season.”

Playing on the theme of #mustpacks, the store windows show “x-ray” views into various suitcases displaying this season’s collection. In addition, throughout the store, customers can encounter highlighted #mustpack products at multi-category display tables that simulate the experience of unveiling products through an airport security x-ray machine.

The campaign continues on social media, with T Galleria by DFS teaming up with influencers in key DFS locations, such as Gaile Lok in Hong Kong, Halley Elefante in Hawaii and Andrea Chong in Singapore, to give away the season’s best #mustpack products for those who follow @DFSOfficial.