グローバル DFSにおける新型コロナウイルス感染症対策 covid19-store-reopening_venice_safety_00_v2.gif


グローバル DFSにおける新型コロナウイルス感染症対策 covid19-store-reopening_venice_safety_01 v2.gif
We’ll be taking the temperature of all guests before entry. Guests with readings below 38C are welcome to enter.
グローバル DFSにおける新型コロナウイルス感染症対策 covid19-store-reopening_venice_safety_02_v3.gif
We kindly request that our guests wear a face mask at all times.
グローバル DFSにおける新型コロナウイルス感染症対策 covid19-store-reopening_venice_safety_03 v2.gif
We perform disinfecting procedures every 2 hours to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for you to enjoy.
グローバル DFSにおける新型コロナウイルス感染症対策 covid19-store-reopening_venice_safety_04_v2.gif
We invite you to help yourself to our hand sanitizers provided at all of our counters.
グローバル DFSにおける新型コロナウイルス感染症対策 covid19-store-reopening_venice_safety_05_v2.gif
To protect our guests and staff, please maintain a distance of 1.5 meters from others upon entering the store.
グローバル DFSにおける新型コロナウイルス感染症対策 covid19-store-reopening_venice_safety_06 v2.gif
Our products are sanitized regularly, before and after every use.
グローバル DFSにおける新型コロナウイルス感染症対策 covid19-store-reopening_venice_safety_08 v2.gif
To safeguard our guests and staff, product demonstrations have been suspended for the time being. We kindly request that you do not apply any tester products on your face.
We are closely monitoring the situation and taking all necessary measures to keep our stores safe and hygienic.

Thank you for your understanding and support!