Travelthroughnotes : Concert by Flo, Il mese del Rosario




travelthroughnotes : Concert by Flo, Il mese del Rosario

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And now, where do we go?
travelthroughnotes : Concert by Flo, Il mese del Rosario
Friday, June 16, 6:30 pm
Flo – Vocals
Michele Maione – Percussions
Ernesto Nobili – Guitars
Marco di Palo – Cello

Flo (Floriana Cangiano) is one of the most diverse and versatile personalities among the new generation of Italian music. She started by studying opera in 1995, then, a few years later, she changed to modern and pop music, eventually finding her real passion for traditional and world music. Released in 2014, "Love and other irreversible things" was her first album. Besides Italy, the album was also well received in France and Benelux, England, Japan, Austria, Germany, Spain, and Portugal. In the past few years, Flo has performed in many musical and theatrical festivals. “Il mese del Rosario" (The Rosary’s month) is her second album.

Event Details
Event Pavilion - 4th floor
Free admission while places last.
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