The 10 Golden Style Rules of Spring 沖縄


The 10 Golden Style Rules of Spring

Master these 10 guiding principles of Spring dressing, and make choosing an outfit as easy and breezy as the season itself.


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Relive the Y2K aesthetic

Whether you’re ready for it or not, fashion from the 2000s has returned. Join the revival by welcoming back the decade’s most popular accessory: the trucker hat.
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Lessen your daily load

Force yourself to declutter — and up your style game at the same time — by switching out your bulky wallet to a slim, sleek version.
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Conquer your fear of neon

Neon doesn’t have to scream “Look at me!” — say it softly by adding a fluorescent accent to an all-neutral outfit.

Be (at least a little) open to change

Fashion is a lot more fun — and rewarding — when you step outside of your comfort zone.


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Go hands-free

Who doesn’t want to be footloose and fancy-free during the springtime? You’ll be a step closer with a liberating crossbody handbag.
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Embrace the chain reaction

When it comes metal accents, extra-chunky gold chains are still reigning supreme. The new update? They’re no longer reserved for just around the neck.
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Elevate your humble white sneakers

White sneakers continue their reign as wardrobe mainstays — but give them an update with a dash of color or a gilded logo accent.
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Wear your good mood

Boosting your mood can be as simple as embracing a bright color palette, so why not go sunny-side up with a pop of canary yellow?

Indulge in bags as soft as butter

They’re so soft and comforting to the touch, you’ll want to hold on tight to one of the season’s many creamy, smooth leather bags.


Go maximal or go home

Gone are the days of limiting your outfit to just one focal point — mix zingy colors and bold patterns together fearlessly!