Scents of Escapism 沖縄


Scents of Escapism

In need of a quick travel fix? Be carried away in an instant with scents reminiscent of exotic and idyllic holiday spots around the globe.



Take a trip to Luxor, Egypt, with… My Way, Giorgio Armani Beauty


This sparkling floral fragrance is made for those who are ready for new horizons and meaningful encounters. One breath will have you arriving in Luxor, Egypt — home of the exotic and delicate Egyptian orange blossom, a hero scent of the perfume. Among the beautifully illuminated templates, majestic river Nile, and the white-washed scenery of the Valley of the Kings, notes of jasmine, cedarwood and vanilla linger in the air.




Take a trip to Puglia, Italy with… H24, Hermès


Fresh, crisp and masculine, H24’s hero note of velvety, spikey-edged Clary sage — native to the Mediterranean Basin — will have your olfactory senses packing their bags for an Italian getaway. The scent of lively, freshly cut botanicals and warm, sensual metallic notes give way to a scene where the Mediterranean sun beats down over lush, rolling vineyards and green olive groves.




Take a trip to the Cotswolds, England with… English Pear & Freesia Cologne, Jo Malone


Take an instant olfactory journey through the rolling hills and medieval villages of England’s rural south-central region. Along with a blend of fresh, crisp-smelling English pears and the sweetest of a bouquet of white freesias, hints of warming amber, patchouli and wood help call forth a brisk walk in lush autumnal countryside.




Take a trip to Athens, Greece with… Omnia by Mary Katrantzou, Bvlgari


Greek fashion designer Mary Katrantzou worked with perfumer Alberto Morillas under Bvlgari’s Omnia line to create a vibrant, floral eau de parfum inspired by the gardenia trees of Katrantzou’s home in Athens, Greece. A spritz will transport you to the ancient city during the sultry summer months, when scents of citrus and fresh fig whisper in the wind.




Take a trip to Tulum, Mexico with… Tubéreuse Nue, Tom Ford Beauty Private Blend


Fusing tuberose — the milky, exotic flower native to Mexico — with the smokiness of akigalawood and the spice of Sichuan pepper results in a seductive, intoxicating fragrance. Inhale and be taken to the balmy, sultry nights of a Tulum escape. While listening to the ocean waves crash rhythmically against the shore, breathe in the dusk-blooming tuberose that sways gently around you.




Take a trip to Paris, France, with… YSL Mon Paris, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty


Receive the change of scenery you crave with this intense, flamboyant fragrance inspired by the city of romance. Combining heady scents of datura orchid, white musk, and patchouli, this fragrance conjures up the quintessential Parisian moments best explored by lovers — from visiting the Wall of Love to dressing up for dinner at Hôtel Plaza Athénée or picnicking at the Luxembourg Palace and Gardens.


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