And now, where do we go?

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And now, where do we go?

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Friday, June 16, 6:30 pm
Il mese del rosario (The Rosary's month)

Flo – Vocals
Michele Maione – Percussions
Ernesto Nobili –  Guitars
Marco di Palo – Cello

Flo, one of the most diverse and versatile personalities among the new generation of Italian music scene, presents "Il mese del rosario" (The Rosary's month). She is accompanied by drummer Michele Maione, guitarist Ernest Nobili, and cellist Marco Di Palo. As an elegant interpreter and original songwriter, Flo has transformed her musical experiences into an intense and peculiar style where language and suggestions continuously blend. A wonderful Neapolitan voice who, in just a few years, has been able to share the stage with highly talented musicians.

Event Details
Event Pavilion - 4th Floor
Free admission while places last.
Booking is required by sending an email to