Travelthroughwords: Marco Rossari’S Reading

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travelthroughwords: Marco Rossari’s reading

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And now where do we go?
travelthroughwords: Marco Rossari’s reading

Tuesday, March 7, 6:30 pm
Marco Rossari, Le cento vite di Nemesio
Music by intonarumori

Event protagonist and author, Marco Rossari reads from his latest book 'Le cento vite di Nemesio' (Nemesio’s one hundred lives), with an original retro-futuristic soundtrack, by intonarumori. The novel, a blend of history and fiction, narrates a whole era of love and passion, from a bohemian Paris, and Weimar’s Germany, to Italy under the Fascism and the intransigence of the PCI creating a bold and visionary story that is entertaining and moving. Think Kurt Vonnegut meet Stefano Benni, or Jaroslav Hašek meet Monty Python.

ph. Matteo De Fina