Travelthroughnotes : Concert By Mauro Ottolini ‘Trio Campato In Aria’

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Travelthroughnotes :Concert by Mauro Ottolini ‘Trio Campato in Aria’

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And now, where do we go ?

Travelthroughnotes : Concert by Mauro Ottolini ‘Trio Campato in Aria’
Friday, May 19, 6:30 pm

Mauro Ottolini – Trombone
Daniele Richiedei – Violin
Titti Castrini –  Accordion

Ottolini, Richiedei, and Castrini take us to explore new horizons through their unique jazz arrangements, by presenting a repertoire that includes traditional compositions from Europe, South America, the United States, and original ones, leaving plenty of space for individual and collective improvisations.

On the scene since 2011, the Trio has already been a guest at important events and festivals and thanks to the project’s captivating energy and originality, both the public and the critics’ audience have received it enthusiastically.

Event Details
Event Pavilion - 4th floor
Free admission while places last.
Booking is required by sending an email to:

ph. Matteo De Fina