Omar Sosa-Yilian Cañizares Duo

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Omar Sosa-Yilian Cañizares Duo

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Omar Sosa-Yilian Cañizares Duo

27.07.2017 9:30 pm 

Event Pavilion- T Fondaco dei Tedeschi by DFS

On the occasion of the tenth edition of Venezia Jazz Festival, the T Fondaco dei Tedeschi's Event Pavilion hosts a concert by Omar Sosa-Yilian Cañizares Duo. Cuban composer and pianist, nominated seven times for Grammy Awards, Omar Sosa is one of the most versatile jazz musicians of his generation. Capable of blending wonderfully a wide range of jazz, electronic and world musics thanks to his Afrocuban origins, he manages to create original latin-inspired sounds, while leaving some room for improvising. Early Talent, Yilian Cañizares is admitted to the prestigious Manuel Saumell Music Academy to study violin at seven years. Always in search of new creative outputs, she has decided since the 90's to start singing. She looked at jazz and got particularly inspired by world-acclaimed violinist Stéphane Grapelli. She formed a quartet called Ochumare with which she won an important prize at the jazz festival in Montreux in 2008. International fame came in 2013, with the album "Ochumare" and later with "Invocaciòn" (2015). Her style reflects a wide variety of influences, with touches of jazz, classical and Cuban music. Yilian Cañizares sings in Spanish, Yoruba and French, and one of her distinctive features is her natural ability to sing and play the violin at the same time.

General information: Free entrance until capacity is reached.

Info and booking starting from 10.07.2017