Venice Glass Week

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Venice Glass Week

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The Venice Glass Week 2017: “Metamorphosis” by Camilla Brunelli and Simone Crestani for Editamateria at the T Fondaco dei Tedeschi
VENINI, partner of the event with a work by Emmanuel Babled

The T Fondaco dei Tedeschi reasserts its commitment towards supporting and enhancing local craftsmanship and artistic talent by hosting Metamorphosis, a project by Camilla Brunelli and Simone Crestani for Editamateria, which combines design and nature, creating an echo with Loris Cecchini's Waterbones installation presented at the Event Pavilion. The natural process of the insect exoskeleton’s metamorphosis inspired the duo of artists to conceive those refined and immaterial forms of vases and bottles, which testify to the delicacy and virtuosity of the art of glass. The opening of the Metamorphosis exhibition constitutes an opportunity to remember the presence of a permanent collection of major glass art creations, including those signed by VENINI, one of the oldest furnaces on the island of Murano. The work Pyros by Emmanuel Babled will be displayed next to the work of Crestani and Brunelli during this week devoted to artisan savoir-faire, design and excellence.

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