Auteur Films*. Talk with Laurent Cantet

Auteur Films*. Talk with Laurent Cantet Auteur Films*. Talk with Laurent Cantet

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Thursday, March 28, 2019, at 6.30PM

Auteur Films is a series of talks meant to celebrate the creative force that arises from the integration of literature and film - the written word and the projected images. Organized in collaboration with Alliance Française of Venice and Circuito Cinema of the City of Venice, it will consist of encounters with the authors of the books that turned into films and vice versa.

The movie “Vers le Sud” (2005) will be at the center of the first meeting. It is about three wealthy, foreign ladies in their fifties that spend an opulent holiday in a politcally-oppressed Haiti. The French director, Laurent Cantet, winner of numerous awards including the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival with La Classe (2008), adapted three short stories by Dany Laferrière, a Haitian journalist and writer who was compelled to move to North America. Laferrière’s writing is difficult to define since it embraces both his Haitian and American roots, which is why it has often been associated with migration literature.

Meet the authors at the Event Pavilion of T Fondaco dei Tedeschi at 6.30PM (Italian translation provided). Screening of the feature film in the original language with Italian subtitles begins at 9PM at Cinema Rossini with tickets at €5.

This event is part of the “Semaine de la Francophonie” program in Venice.