Hermès le Bain Comes to T Galleria by DFS Hong Kong

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AUGUST 12, 2014, Hong Kong – DFS Group (DFS), the world’s leading luxury travel retailer, will host Hermès Le Bain, the house’s bath and body line in the Beauty and Fragrances floor at T Galleria by DFS, Hong Kong, Canton Road.

A bath time ritual can be as intense, intimate and precious as the act of applying perfume, which is why Hermès has introduced "Le Bain" (Bath Time), a new art of living through perfume. Hermès Le Bain is a bath and body collection based on Hermès novella perfumes.

Through each of its creations, Hermès sees itself as a storyteller, inviting us to discover an imaginary world, a unique universe Faithful to this spirit, the Hermès Perfumer pursues its path like a publishing house, over time launching works that visit different literary genres, and developing collections. Novels, novellas, and poems that explore different registers, styles, and tones. In the library of Hermès perfumes, each perfume is a story; each perfume opens up an imaginary world.

The perfumes in the Hermès Garden and Colognes Collection, which includes Un Jardin sur le Toit, Un Jardin après la Mousson, Un Jardin sur le Nil, Un Jardin en Méditerrannée, Eau de gentian blanche, Eau de narcisse bleu, Eau d’orange verte, Eau de mandarin ambrée, Eau de pamplemousse rose amongst others, are presented in new textures. These include creamy bubble bath, revitalising shampoo, hydrating balm, toning gel, soothing body milk and gentle soap, all available at T Galleria by DFS Hong Kong, Canton Road from August 10th to September 4th.

During this period T Galleria by DFS will carry the most diverse assortment of Hermès Le Bain products.

Additionally, two exclusive products will be available, perfect for sharing, for gifts or personal travel:

The Garden Perfume Collection Set, previously available inflight only, is an elegant set designed for the world traveller, including two 15ml bottles of Un Jardin sue le Nil and Un Jardin sur le Toit.

The Hermès Miniature set, exclusively available at DFS in downtown Hong Kong, is a set of four olfactory stories brought together by Hermès, Jour d’Hermès, Eau des Merveilles, Un Jardin sur le Nil and Voyage d’Hermès.

Hermès Miniature Set


Discover four olfactory stories brought together in an Hermès set to share.

Jour d’Hermès: a floral, luminous, sensual eau de parfum.

Eau des Merveilles: a magical, woody-amber fragrance which holds within it all the spirit of wood,the memory of the oceans and the sparkle of a constellation.

Un Jardin sur le Nil: a sensory stroll, a perfume of light and life, generous and sparkling.

Voyage d’Hermès: a woody fresh, musky fragrance; a lively and reassuring fragrance.

The Garden Perfume Collection Set

Un Jardin sur le Nil 2 x 15ml & Un Jardin sur le Toit 2 x 15ml Eau de Toilette

Un Jardin sur le Nil: a sensory stroll, a perfume of light and life, generous and sparkling.

Un Jardin sur le Toit: an unexpected meeting, a hanging garden in the heart of the city, and in the heart of Hermès. A perfume crispy and cheerful, feast for the senses and the mind in the Paris light.