Incroci Di Civiltà – International Literature Festival

Incroci di civiltà – International Literature Festival

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Incroci di civiltà – International Literature Festival

2017 marks the tenth year of International Literature Festival ‘Incroci di civiltà’ organized by the University of Ca'Foscari and Venice’s municipality (Cultural Office). The festival celebrates Venice’s heritage as a crossroad for cultures, people, and languages, with authors discussing relevant and contemporary themes with their audiences.

Panel discussion with book author Michael Chabon, Ca'Foscari University’s Professor Shaul Bassi and Lecturer Mattia Ravasi from Reading University.
Thursday, March 30, at 9:00 pm

Michael Chabon is an acclaimed and bestselling author of contemporary American literature best known for the Pulitzer-Prize winning novel The Mysteries of Pittsburgh and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay (2001). He is also known for his short stories, children’s and teenager’s books of various genres, from horror and fantasy to thrillers but also scripts and essays.

Panel discussion held in English with Italian translation.

Free entry, booking is required.

ph. Matteo De Fina