Kinga Glyk Trio concert

Travelthroughnotes: Kinga Glyk Trio Concert

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Travelthroughnotes: Kinga Glyk Trio concert

Friday, March 17, at 6:30 pm
Kinga Glyk Trio
Kinga Glyk — Bass
Piotr Matusik — Keyboards
Irek Glyk – Piano

Kinga Glyk, a young Polish bassist, is a rising star in international Jazz. Performing with her Trio at T Fondaco, she plays Jazz, Blues, and Funk pieces based on the newly launched album Rejestracja and the latest album recorded live entitled Happy Birthday (2016).
Nineteen years old Kinga Glyk has already performed with excellent Polish musicians at over 100 concerts held throughout her country and abroad. Her adventure with music started at age 12 when she entered the Glyk Pik Trio band with her father Irek and her brother Patrick. In 2015, she received significant acknowledgment from two of the most famous Polish Jazz magazines: Jazz Top and Blues Top.

ph. Matteo De Fina