Past Events & Exhibitions

Past Events & Exhibitions

Unintentional autobiography. Meeting with Maurizio Nichetti

Thursday February, 1st, 6:30 pm.

Piers Faccini live

Thursday January 25th, 7.30pm

in collaboration with Veneto Jazz

In Itinere

Thursday January 11th, 6.30pm

in collaboration with TocnaDanza

The Fall of the House of Usher, accompanied by Massimo Volume’s music

Thursday December 21st , 6.30pm

Hypothesis of a defeat, a talk with Giorgio Falco

Thursday December 14th , 6.30pm

Curated by Stefano Spagnolo...

Concert by Andrea Belfi

Thursday December 7th, 7.30pm

in collaboration with Veneto Jazz. 

Waterbones, by Loris Cecchini

Until November 27, 2017, the Event Pavilion, the art and culture space located inside the T Fondaco dei Tedeschi, hosts a site-specific installation by Italian artist Loris Cecchini.

“Il tempo in posa”

Thursday November 23rd, 6.30pm

Photographies by Pino Ninfa, music by Giovanni Falzone (trumpet and electronic music) and Alessandro Rossi (drums and electronic music).

“timethroughwords”: meeting with Luca Ricci

Thursday November 16th, 2017, 6.30pm

Meeting curated by Stefano Spagnolo

“Terremoto”: meeting with Chiara Barzini

Thursday November 9th, 2017, 6.30pm

Event in collaboration with Mondadori Libri

Musicafoscari/San Servolo Jazz Fest: tribute to Terry Riley

Friday October 27, 2017, 8pm

Meeting with Elisabetta Di Maggio

Wednesday October 25, 2017, 6.30pm

Kind of Blue

Thursday October 19, 2017, 6.30 pm

Meeting with Ashley Kahn with the participation of Francesco Martinelli

As Time Goes By: a poetry evening

Thursday October 12th, 2017, 6.30pm

Event in collaboration with MeP , Movimento per l’emancipazione della Poesia.

Suit up, we’re going out!

T Fondaco dei Tedeschi is pleased to host the annual fashion show of the outfit designed and made by the Tailoring laboratory of the Venice female jail, run by the Venetian cooperative Il Cerchio.


T Fondaco dei Tedeschi hosts Metamorphosis, a project by Camilla Brunelli and Simone Crestani for Editamateria.

Live talk with Carlos Ruiz Zafón bestselling author of "The Labyrinth of the Spirits"

Omar Sosa-Yilian Cañizares Duo

On the occasion of the tenth edition of Venezia Jazz Festival, the T Fondaco dei Tedeschi's Event Pavilion hosts a concert by Omar Sosa-Yilian Cañizares Duo.

Venice Art Night

Venice’s Art Night is a night exclusively dedicated to the arts. Conceived and coordinated by the University...

And now, where do we go?

Flo, one of the most diverse and versatile personalities among the new generation of Italian music scene...

Live drawing session by Lorena Canottiere with music by Stefano Risso


In collaboration with Circuito Cinema, Venice’s Art School “MichelangeloGuggenheim”, and Padua’s Art School “Giovanni Valle” and...

White Journey

Tocnadanza’s performances show dance and art’s mutual interest for movement, gestures, and continuous change...

Concert by Mauro Ottolini ‘Trio Campato in Aria’

Ottolini, Richiedei, and Castrini take us to explore new horizons through their unique jazz arrangements, by...

A talk with Vitaliano Trevisan, Jazz shortcuts by Paolo Brusò

With a writing style so unique, it resembles Jazz...

Marea & Javier Girotto Concert

Marea, a group created and composed by guitarist Andrea Dessì and accordionist Massimo Tagliata host renowned Argentinean saxophonist Javier Girotto...

Viola Di Grado

Viola Di Grado presents her latest book 'Bambini di Ferro' (‘Children of Steel’) (La nave di Teseo, 2016)...

Incroci di Civiltà – International Literature Festival

2017 marks the tenth year of International Literature Festival...


The Pavilion Event has been transformed into a cinema with a little foyer and popcorn-filled glasses to present a selection of short and microfilms from past VideoConcorso Pasinetti’s editions...

Kinga Glyk Trio concert

Kinga Glyk, a young Polish bassist, is a rising star in international Jazz...

Marco Rossari’s Reading

Event protagonist and author, Marco Rossari reads from his latest book 'Le cento vite di Nemesio...

micro and short films projections from the Videoconcorso Francesco Pasinetti

A Talk With Giuseppe Culicchia

Giuseppe Culicchia presents his latest book ‘Mi sono perso in un luogo comune...

Fabrizio Bosso Spiritual Trio concert

Renowned trumpet player Fabrizio Bosso takes the Venetian audience on a journey of Soul Jazz...

Fabrizio Plessi

Coinciding with the store opening on October 1, 2016, Fabrizio Plessi inaugurates the Event Pavilion with his site-specific project entitled "Under Water"...