Samaritaine Paris and Venice, face to face

February 7, 2024

From February 7 to April 23, 2024 Paris–Venice.

Two romantic and cultural destinations, two locations rich in history and architecture. For the first time, Samaritaine joins forces with Fondaco Dei Tedeschi—two iconic department stores linked by the DFS group—to set up an encounter between these two cities that have so much in common!

In early 2024, Samaritaine will welcome the iconic districts and buildings of Venice into every corner of the department store. The charms of the Grand Canal and even Venice-Santa-Lucia Station will blend seamlessly into the quintessentially Parisian walls of Samaritaine.

Birds of a feather flock together! From gastronomy to painting, fashion to an innate sense of hospitality and love, both Paris and Venice have a pronounced taste for mystery that permeates their streets. This is the ideal setting for adventure, which has often been the inspiration for literature and cinema.

The department store has transformed its space into a journey against a backdrop of romantic intrigue. A Franco-Italian couple has arranged to meet at Samaritaine! Visitors must turn detective to reveal a series of clues hidden throughout our immersive activities to solve the mystery: when and where will our two lovers meet?

This quest is also an opportunity to explore the charms of a selection of Franco-Italian products, notably in the Loulou boutique, which celebrates the expertise and gastronomic tradition of the two countries. The comparison between the two cultures is illustrated by Bitossi Home, Moroni Gomma, Popolo and Confiture Parisienne.


This season's artist, Italian Irene Cattaneo, has created an installation of blown glass clouds in vibrant colors, evoking a sky at sunset. Inspired by her wanderings, dreams and intuition, this work reflects the mastery of traditional Murano techniques.


Through The Anonymous Project, Lee Shulman has brought together a collection of images dating from the 1950s to 1970s, which he has staged in the form of 3D installations composed of photographic prints exhibited at Samaritaine. "Paris and Venice" is the ideal place to come together and explore human relationships and the notion of intimacy.


In the promotional video, Paris and Venice come together when a Frenchwoman and an Italian man are eager to defend their beloved cities... Just the thing to bring them closer together! Catch some Franco-Italian vibes with our Spotify playlist, specially designed to get you in the party mood. Paolo Conte, Dalida, Vanessa Paradis or L'Impératrice are sure to get you up and dancing!

With the arrival of spring, the two cities come together in harmony and invite guests on a journey where all clichés are welcome!