"Paris Jubile" at Samaritaine

January 9, 2024

From November 8 to January 9, Samaritaine is ringing in the end of year festivities with limitless joy and great gusto. With artistic and cultural collaborations and a celebration of indulgence on the cards, Christmas has never been so joyful.

For the holidays, Samaritaine has become a haven for all things delicious! This is no time to do things by halves; the store is celebrating the festivities and the art of French hospitality to immerse you in a world where pleasure reigns supreme.

Samaritaine is serving up an extra helping of merriment to help you work up an appetite, with a selection in enticing colors and extravagant shapes, accessories that range from oversized to ultra small and creations in glazed, glossy or plush materials.

Monochrome hues—shades of mandarin, pomegranate or midnight blue—dominate the window displays, which have become a treasure trove of objects. Check out the Christmas tree-shaped confectionery centerpieces, gloved hands presenting products, mirrors that render infinite reflections and a troupe of mannequins just waiting to dance.

To make your eyes light up this Christmas, majestic chandeliers from Mathieu Lustrerie will illuminate the store's windows! They'll also bathe the Rivoli entrance and the Christmas market on the Pont-Neuf stage in light, where a bountiful and carefully curated feast awaits you.

With carte blanche at the store this season, photographer Gab Bois shares her unique perspective on indulgence. She makes it an entertaining and euphoric art — just like the clothes she reinvents by adding her own inspired twist. For Samaritaine, she is showcasing her appetizing apparel creations and has crafted a colossal chandelier overflowing with candy.

You can experience her quirky style in every corner of the store.

With "Paris Jubile", Samaritaine is showcasing the art of hospitality for a moment of pure jubilation. Now you've had a taste of what's to come, it's time to discover our extravagant, festive events that are good enough to eat! The cherry on the cake? The department store is partnering with Warner Bros. for the exuberant, magical and mouth-watering release of the Wonka movie. A truly enchanting occasion!

Our equally vibrant campaign film is so packed with delights, you'll be overwhelmed with a feast for the eyes! Peals of laughter accompany gleaming plates of glitter-covered turkey, salmon and oysters! Dinner guests flout traditional table manners to make fashion both appetizing and entertaining, with a bag made of Christmas crackers, a coat crafted from festive garlands, candy jewelry and gingerbread heels.

This season, Samaritaine is pulling out all the stops to showcase its take on hospitality and serve up a luxurious and sumptuous feast.

Grab this sweet life with both hands, the festivities are only just getting started!

Discover the Spotify playlist "Paris Jubile": a 30-track story, with a festive Christmas spirit, navigating between Indé, Jazz, Rock, House and Lo-Fi. A mix of offbeat tracks and more classic titles to tide you over until the holidays.