DECORTÉ コスメデコルテ

Kimono Rin Perfumed Hand Cream








Confidence with poise and elegance.
A majestic woody floral note revealed after the sweet and luscious plum.

The Essence of Eternal Elegance
Seducing All the Senses
Just like when you wear a kimono, you naturally move around more gracefully and become more elegant person.
A graceful and clean, pure appeal, filled with elegance.
Bring the emotional beauty unique to Japan to your everyday life, just by wearing a fragrance.

This is a modern and timeless fragrance series that color even your awareness and mood, each time you put it on.
A perfumed hand cream that brings comforting moisture and subtle fragrance. Enriched with a luxurious blend of rose extracts. Its smooth texture envelops hands like a veil, leaving them feeling silky and soft.

Contains: Rose quartet essence (Rosa damascena flower extract・Rosa centifolia flower extract・Wild rose extract・Rosa laevigata fruit extract)・Hydrolyzed silk・Hydrolyzed conchiolin protein・Hyaluronic acid・Aloe extract・Hydrogenated lecithin

Protects your hands from roughness and dryness.